Warilla Library custom design Sculptform

Warilla Library

Featuring an intricate timber facade designed to weather and become a part of its coastal environment, Warilla Library creates a visual statement through the use of Timber Click-on Battens in a unique custom profile.

The new Warilla Library is designed to wrap around a stunning enclosed courtyard, visible through large windows on the inside of the building. This courtyard provides a central feature, and the windows allow natural light to fill the entire library providing a sense of openness and transparency. The intricate exterior cladding uses a custom tapered profile in our timber Click-on Batten system to achieve a spectacular design.


Click-on Battens


Warilla Library timber battens
Warilla Library timber battens

Designed to weather

The facade at Warilla library is designed to weather naturally, bringing the colour of the timber more in line with its coastal environment. Designers Brewster Hjorth Architects specifically chose Blackbutt on the facade with a clear oil coating to allow this natural process of weathering to take place.

This process is caused by a reaction within the timber to UV exposure from direct sunlight. This reaction causes the timber to lose its natural colouring and ‘grey off’, particularly in timber used for external applications.

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Warilla Library timber battens

Custom profiles

To create the elaborate design of the timber facade, custom profiled timber Click-on Battens were installed in an alternating sequence. The order of the battens creates a dynamic rippling effect around the exterior of the build.

By using the custom tapered battens, the depth becomes the source of the variation while maintaining a consistent width. This consistency removes complexity during the installation, especially when combined with our simple click-on installation method.

Warilla Library timber battens
Warilla Library timber battens
Warilla Library timber battens

Integrated Signage

A feature of Warilla Library is the distinctive signage, which is integrated into the timber batten facade. The consistent spacing but varied depth of the battens make the signage a unique visual feature which adds to the recognisable identity of the community hub.

Warilla Library custom design Sculptform
Specification Details
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profiles Custom Tapered Profile
Spacing 40mm
Coating Clear Oil
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing No
Warilla Library timber battens
Warilla Library timber battens

Supply and Install

On the Warilla Library project, we both supplied and installed the timber batten facade. Our ability to manufacture the product and provide installation gives both the architect and the builder confidence that the installation process will be performed quickly and accurately, meeting both design intent and budget requirements.

Warilla Library timber battens
Warilla Library custom design Sculptform

Project Summary


Brewster Hjorth Architects

Completion Date



Patterson Building Group




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Sculptform and Dunrite Linings

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