Timber and Aluminium Balustrades

Timber and Aluminium Balustrades

Elevate your staircase or balcony design with a modern aluminium or timber balustrade built to last and impress.

Balustrades and their infills are certainly being embraced and utilised as more of a design feature as well as a necessity for compliance and safety. Linear designs are ever popular with the inclusion of vertical timber and aluminium battens taking the form of aluminium balustrade panels and modern timber balustrades.

A balustrade serves a variety of objectives, including lowering the risk of someone falling from a height and enclosing a space for privacy and solitude. Click-on Screens are the product we use for balustrades, engineered to meet a range of compliance.

Balustrade materials must be sturdy and stable, especially if used in outdoor applications, and even more so for fall protection at great heights. Making material choice, as well as the design, a big factor. Aluminium balustrades and timber balustrades continue to remain the materials of choice, offering great wearability and endless design options.

Style combined with barrier strength

Our patented Click-on Screens provide strength and durability for balustrade applications. The Click-on connection is loved by specifiers and installers alike as it’s a fast and secure installation. Each piece of Click-on Screen acts as timber or aluminium balustrade panel or infill, to go between the balusters. Plus, fixings are discreet and can be attached to the floor or support rails.

The modular systems within our products enable you to overcome any design challenge, which often occurs when you want to push the boundaries within design. We’re specialists at helping you turn your vision for a balustrade into reality. See how we can help you create a balustrade for inclusion in your next project.

Modular aluminium balustrades

The aluminium battens in Click-on Screens make great aluminium balustrade panels and infills between balusters. They allow greater lengths and spans between fixings, are non-combustible and require no maintenance, making them a perfect choice for balustrade applications. Modular aluminium balustrades are easily achievable, with our team on hand to help with your specification and the finer details.

With two main types of finishes available, wood finish and anodised aluminium, it’s an ideal material for applications where Group 1 rated products are required. With these areas commonly being exits where balustrades are found, near lift lobbies and balconies for instance.

Modern timber balustrades

Timber balustrades can complement any classic or modern interior, with the timber being a timeless choice. Vertical timber battens, part of our Click-on Screens range, work perfectly as a balustrade both in interiors and exteriors. They look clean and bring lots of warmth and texture to a space.

Battens don’t need to be installed vertically either. If you want a more customised design this product can be altered to your needs thanks to its modular design. One size doesn’t fit all either, with a range of species and coating options to really customise your look.

Architectural Screens

Exterior timber balustrades

Our modular products are ideal for modern timber balustrades, especially when you want to make a statement on your exteriors. A timber balustrade on a balcony looks sensational, and with our range of durable coatings, they will last the test of time with a bit of regular care.

Timber Click-on Screens are excellent for exterior timber balustrades and really help to elevate the overall finish of your façade, no matter the style. Discover our range and get designing!

Let’s get the ball rolling…

If you were looking for ways to make sure your balustrade makes a statement, we hope that the modern staircase designs shared above have helped to inspire you. As you can see, we’ve worked on a number of projects over the years and have a great understanding of how to blend a staircase with the interior of any project.

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