Timber Facades

Timber Facades

Timber facades never fail to make an impact on an exterior. Whether applied to a wall or soffit, the stunning natural tones and textures steal the attention.

Stand out from the crowd with our range of architectural timber facade products. A strong biophilic element, timber can be applied to facades in quite a few ways. As we specialise in timber design, our range of battens, screens and cladding offer endless ways for you to design your facade.

Timber conveys tones and textures that just can’t be replicated at the same level by any other material. The pieces of timber in a facade are always installed in a pattern, with the horizontal direction a classic option, while vertical can appear more contemporary. However, with our range of modular products, we can help you achieve the most abstract of custom designs.

Our high-quality facade products can also come with additional premium features such as soundproofing and UV protection.

Apply nature onto your design

Battens are great for providing a patterned appearance, screens can add impact and intrigue and cladding is an exceptional choice for clean lines with a smooth surface on large areas. All of our products are available in either Spotted Gum, Australian Ash and American Oak.

Hardwood timber contain rich warm tones and when regularly maintained with a coating will retain their colour, or if left to age, will naturally gain a grey patina over time. When timber is exposed to a changing climate, a durable timber species like Spotted Gum is one of the best options.

Our diverse selection of timber products all offer inherent toughness, contemporary street appeal, or a rustic finish all while being resistant to deterioration due to their low moisture absorption.

Timber Batten Facade

Click-on Battens are a perfect choice if a battened facade is the look you are wanting to achieve. Available in a range of species, profiles and so many coatings to choose from to alter the look – the possibilities are truly endless! With an easy and fast install onto a mounting track and clicked into place with our patented Click-on connection, Click-on Battens remain a popular choice for timber batten facades.

Click-on Battens can be used to create a horizontal or vertical timber facade. They can also be extremely energy efficient by reducing overheating and the need for additional air conditioning.

timber battens over windows

Timber Screen Facade

Facade screens are an excellent way to elevate the outermost layer of a building or home and can update the look of older buildings and refresh the external design. Facade screens are versatile and reasonably seamless to install, especially combined with our patented Click-on connection.

Our Click-on timber screen facade can be created from a selection of timber species and multiple different profiles to get a beautiful finish. We source the highest quality materials for a classic or contemporary look.

Sculptform Double Bay House

Tongue & Groove Cladding

When you want a timber facade with sleek clean lines and minimal patterning, Tongue & Groove Cladding is an excellent choice. In today’s modern architecture timber facade cladding is a beautiful design feature to exhibit natural biophilic elements onto an exterior design. From contemporary to traditional, and everything in between, timber cladding effortlessly complements any style.

Expertly designed and engineered for maximum performance in both exterior and interior applications, timber Tongue & Groove Cladding offers a durable solution that will continue to impress for years to come.

Inspirational Timber Facade Projects