Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade

Boroondara Sports Centre’s Timber Facade

The new extension to Boroondara Sports Complex spans over two levels and has been designed by William Ross Architects. As is made very obvious from the following photos, the design very heavily features timber as the focal point, with it used to create a vast timber facade.

The extension includes a separate sports court, gymnasium, group fitness, crèche, gymnastics hall, new entry, reception and administration offices.


Click-on Battens


Spotted Gum
Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade
Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade

Jaw-Dropping Timber Facade

The facade of Boroondara Sports Centre is designed in such a way to make any passerby stare in awe. The sheer amount of timber used is impressive and provides an appealing entrance for users. To achieve the design, the facade is lined with timber Click-on Battens with Spotted Gum as the species of choice. The battens are placed in a repetitive pattern along the walls, which are built in altering depths and directions.

Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade

Choosing the Right Timber Coating

For this project, it was essential to choose a coating that would provide adequate protection, along with the option to allow the timber to age if decided.

Clear Oil was chosen for this application, a smart choice for facades. Clear Oil works by penetrating the surface of the timber in order to create a protective layer. Penetrating oil coatings are effective at protecting the timber from moisture, and colour tone or pigment can be added to slow the weathering process.

Click here to find out more about choosing the right coating.

Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade

Textural Facade Design

Battens were chosen to be 42mm wide with spaces of the same width. This creates a vertical iteration of battens with room for shadowing and light to disperse throughout the pieces of timber. The battens are also 42mm in depth, further adding to the symmetry. Some patches have battens spaced very close together to help create interest in the design.

The walls that the battens are installed onto are not long and straight, but are divided into sections. Some of these sections jut out on an angle and windows are placed into the gap that’s created. Overall, the combination of these features creates an intriguing facade design that appeals to the community.

Specification Information
Product Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Spotted Gum
Profile Block - 42x42mm
Spacing 42mm
Coating Clear Oil
Mounting Track Slim Track - 25x25mm
Acoustic Backing No
Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade
Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade
Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade
Boroondara Sports Centre timber facade

Project Summary


William Ross Architects

Completion Date



Ireland Brown Constructions


Balwyn North, Victoria


Gallant Lee



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