After not visiting for some time, the office might seem like a distant memory to many people around the world at the moment. However, as things start to shift, workers are gradually making their way back to their desks.

To help you gain some inspiration for the next workplace design you work on, we’ve rounded up some of the most clever and impressive workplace’s that we’ve seen over the years.

The Workshop

Workshop by Milligan Group is a visionary campus-style business hub in Sydney’s Pyrmont, showcasing a new era of workplace design. Designed by Bates Smart, the signature building incorporates our Vic Ash timber Click-on Battens and Tongue & Groove Cladding throughout the multilevel ceilings.

A full-height atrium in the centre of the Workshop creates an open, light-filled environment and visual connectivity between floors – if you can see past the impressive hanging planters. Interconnecting stairs and column-free workspaces encourage culture and collaboration and open up easy communication between its inhabitants.

An abundance of natural light, breakout zones, flexible floorplates, foliage and natural ventilation are cleverly interwoven in the design to support staff to be happier, healthier and more productive. The incorporation of timber balances well with other materials such as metal, terracotta, glass and concrete and provides a sense of tranquillity. 

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Courts Admin Authority

Hassell Architecture completed a stunning redevelopment of the higher courts within the Courts Administration Authority of South Australia. Timber Click-on Battens crafted from white oak are the star of the interiors, with it used to encase courtrooms across walls and ceilings.

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One of the smartest features within this workplace are the concealed doors of the mediation rooms. Click-on Battens were used to conceal the mediation rooms, helping to seamlessly integrate them into their surroundings. The batten screens also offer privacy for tense situations, while allowing some visibility outside the room. When folded back, a large window is revealed into the rooms, becoming a contemporary feature.

Sculptform Plenary Offices

Plenary Group

The Plenary Group office fit-out in Melbourne’s Rialto Tower creates a warm, engaging space by using Click-on Battens in some creative ways. Designed by Woods Bagot Melbourne.

One of the most creative features of the Plenary Group project is the use of mirrors between the wall battens. Strips of mirror were meticulously installed between the 32x42mm White Oak battens, creating a unique look in the reception area. Alternating depth battens were placed along the bottom, adding another layer to this incredible feature wall.

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Sculptform Plenary Offices
Sculptform Melbourne Parliament

Melbourne Parliament House

The Members’ Annexe Building at Melbourne Parliament House uses Vic Ash Click-on Battens as a spectacular feature ceiling spanning through multiple floors. Designed by Peter Elliot Architecture and Urban Design, the Members Annex uses the linear texture of the battens to match the project’s comfortable yet professional requirements.

The feature ceiling brings beauty and texture to the office. The inclusion of timber gives the space an understated elegance that is not overpowering but tranquil. Timber never goes out of style!

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Sculptform Parliament of Victoria Members Annexe

APL Office

A brilliant design that was a tad tricky to execute was a large timber screen in APL’s foyer. This open plan area features a staircase to the first floor with no ceiling above the reception desk. Behind this reception desk is a timber free-standing screen, allowing visibility of the office beyond. 

An effective design was produced by aligning the free-standing screen with the wall’s timber battens, which then seamlessly connect through a miter joint to the timber battens on the ceiling. 

 Although this wall looks seamless, it took precision and accuracy to get right. It was all worth it though, the many straight vertical lines of timber battens add a dramatic effect to the foyer area, without being too overpowering. 

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Sculptform Novartis


This workplace features an incredible cascading curved staircase. By utilising huge curves spanning several floors, designers HDR Rice Daubney have created a truly unique office space.  

Spotted Gum Click-on Battens are used on the curves, separated by Anodised Aluminium battens placed intermittently between. This creates an aesthetic that gives the natural look of timber across a large space, particularly impressive as it is visible through massive windows.

The staircase also incorporates meeting areas into its design, helping to create an atmosphere of connectivity and collaboration within the building.

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Sculptform Novartis

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